About the Centre for Midwifery Education

The Centre for Midwifery Education was set up on the campus of the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital in March 2008.

Role of CME

The CME provides continuing midwifery and nursing education and training programmes for staff in the Coombe Women and Infant University Hospital, the National Maternity Hospital and the Rotunda Hospital as well as the general requirements for midwifery education in the Dublin catchment area. The centre will also provide specialist programmes as required nationally. The education provided includes midwifery, neonatology, gynaecology and other related programmes.

Potential Student Population

2,000 students which include

  • Midwives and Nurses in the 3 Dublin Maternity Hospitals
  • Maternity Care Assistants
  • Practice Nurses who are Midwives
  • Nurses working in A&E Departments who are registered Midwives
  • Public Health Nurses in the Greater Dublin Area